Legs Feel Pain When Too Many Paths, Osteoporosis Signs?

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Legs Feel Pain When Too Many Paths, Osteoporosis Signs?


Jakarta, I have a complaint if too much walking then my feet will hurt, so I prefer to sit. So, is this one of my signs of having Doc osteoporosis? I also diligently basking in the morning, is this beneficial for the problem of osteoporosis? Thanks Dok.Dahyu (Male, 51 years) AnswerHalo Pak Revelation. It must be distinguished between the terms osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. Pain in the joint, especially when burdened when used on the move, is a sign of osteoarthritis (arthritis). That's why you feel better when you take a break. Handling in general is to reduce the burden on the joints, among others by using a stick, lose weight, and reduce the up and down stairs. Drugs and physiotherapy on the advice of doctors can help reduce complaints. While osteoporosis is a decrease in bone density, which is often called bone loss. Osteoporosis does not directly cause complaints, but bone loss can cause bone to be susceptible to fractures, causing pain or deformation (eg humpbacks). Osteoporosis is common in the elderly, due to an imbalance between calcium deposits to bone and retrieval calcium from bone, caused by hormonal factors. Osteoporosis can be said to be inevitable, but it can be inhibited with adequate calcium intake, as well as vitamin D which helps the absorption of calcium from food to bone. One of the most important processes of active vitamin D formation is sun exposure to the skin, that is why sunbathing in the morning it is recommended to inhibit the occurrence of osteoporosis. Andri Primadhi, Spots Foot and Ankle DivisionDepartment of Orthopedics and TraumatologyFK Universitas Padjadjaran / RS Hasan SadikinJl. Pasteur 38, Bandung 40161 (hrn / up)



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